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What You Need to Know About Changing Your Hair Color

If you were to stroll down the hair color aisle at a big box store, you might be led to believe that changing your hair color is as easy as apply, rinse, and dry. But really, there are lots of factors to consider, and you’ll learn about all of them if you choose to take hairdressing courses at a beauty school. A professional knows the ins and outs of choosing the right hair color to complement one’s skin and eyes, for example, and how to evaluate the overall health of the hair.

Your hair color should complement your skin and eyes.

Before committing to a drastic makeover, you should ensure the hair color you choose will flatter you, based on factors like your eye color and skin tone. For example, if you have a medium to fair warm skin tone, with green eyes, consider a stunning red color. Generally, lighter skin tones pair well with lighter hair colors, like honey, butterscotch, and strawberry blonde. Olive skin tones and dark eyes do well with an earthy, rich color with gold or honey highlights. Dark skin tones and dark eyes pair well with a hair color that contrasts, such as a darker or lighter color.

You should know the required commitment for maintenance.

Some hair colors and styles require far more upkeep than others. Always know the required maintenance before committing to a makeover. Ask the stylist whether it will take more than one appointment to finish the initial work, and how often you’ll need to return for touch-ups. You should also ask about any recommended changes to your hair care routine.

The health of your hair can influence your options.

In hair design school, students learn how to assess the health of a client’s hair. Very healthy hair can withstand a drastic, full color makeover. If your hair has already been chemically treated or aggressively styled, it may need a rest before a major change. Instead, consider a low-ammonia hair color glaze, ombre, or balayage style.

When you become a student at Long Island Beauty School, you’ll get hands-on practice in our student salon. Our hairdressing school in Long Island prides itself on providing a modern, comprehensive curriculum and extensive student support services. Give us a call today at (516) 483-6259 to request information about our hairdressing school.

All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Signs That Now Is the Right Time for a New Hairstyle

When you’re in beauty school, trying new looks goes with the territory. If you have the itch to try something new, how can you be sure that now is the time to switch up your hairstyle? During your career as a stylist, you’ll often have clients who are trying to make the same decision and who will look to you for advice. Here are some of the signs that indicate that you should experiment with a new style. Consider them for yourself or pass them along to your clients.

You get bummed when doing your hair.

Does fixing your hair feel like a chore? If so, chances are that you’re frustrated with your style. Many people who are experiencing style burnout only do the bare minimum to do their hair, or they simply cut their losses and pull their hair back every day. If you don’t have a least a little excitement about doing your hair, it’s time to change things up to keep things interesting.

You just went through a major life change.

Often, the best time to try a new style is when everything else feels different, too. Maybe you just started beauty school, or maybe you moved to a new a town. Starting a new job, ending a relationship, getting married, or losing weight are more significant changes that people go through that make them interested in updating their looks. A new haircut could be the perfect way to celebrate the new you.

You’re constantly evaluating hairstyles.

Although checking out hairstyles is a byproduct of attending beauty school, if you find you’re always sizing up looks to consider how they would look on you, then you’re definitely in need of a hair makeover. Take the plunge and test out a look you’ve been envying for yourself.

Long Island Beauty School will prepare you to satisfy the State Board of Cosmetology requirements so you can launch your new career as a stylist. Learn more about our hairdressing school in Long Island by calling (516) 483-6259.

How Often Should Bangs Be Trimmed?

If bangs are part of your signature look—or if you’re in hair school and getting ready to have clients with bangs in your chair—then you may be wondering how often they should be trimmed. A bang trim is an important technique that students master in beauty school, and if you become a stylist, you can expect to be doing them on a regular basis.

The frequency of bang trims depends on a many different factors, from the speed of hair growth to personal preference. Generally, every two to three weeks is a good target for most people. However, people who prefer longer, side-swept bangs may get away with longer times between trims, while those who have fast-growing hair may need more frequent touch-ups.

Solve the mysteries of bangs, layers, highlights, and more in the hair academy at Long Island Beauty School. A career as a stylist starts at our hair school in Long Island. For more information about enrollment, call (516) 483-6259.

Picking a Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Red lipstick will never let you down when you want a bold, “look at me” statement for your makeup. But picking the perfect shade isn’t always easy. At makeup school, you’ll learn about the subtle differences in lipstick hues that determine whether they’ll pair well with certain complexions. For inspiration, look at celebrities. Sofia Vergara has a warm complexion with neutral undertones, so a blue-red lipstick is perfect for her.

On the other hand, people with fair complexions tend to do well with lipsticks in shades of raspberry and cranberry. Women with dark complexions look fantastic with a high-pigment, orange-red lipstick. Use a bronzy-brown lip pencil to create a smooth transition between lip and skin. Women with dark complexions with warm undertones, like Jennifer Hudson, can use an opaque blue-based red with a matte finish.

Long Island Beauty School offers artistry makeup classes in Long Island for aspiring beauticians. Get in touch today at (516) 483-6259 to request information about our upcoming cosmetology school tours.

All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Perfecting Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is enduringly popular, but many people fret about how to get the look just right. Whether you’re in cosmetology school and trying to perfect your technique or at home trying to go DIY, this video will help you get winged liner that you’ll be proud to show off.

An easy way to create winged liner is to create a series of dots using a felt-tip eyeliner pen and then connecting those dots. From, there, you can fill in the angles you want by drawing an outline and shading inside of it.

Are you interested in a career in cosmetology? If so, then Long Island Beauty School could be the right choice for you. Find out more about enrolling in our makeup academy or about the other beauty courses near Long Island at our school by calling (516) 483-6259.

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