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Retro Hairstyles That Are Making a Comeback

In fashion and beauty, everything is cyclical. Hairstyles are no exception. In beauty school, that is one of the reasons you don’t just study the current trends but also learn techniques to create a variety of vintage looks that your clients are sure to request one day. Here are some the retro looks to practice at your hair design academy so you can deliver these classics to your clients.

Long Hair with Center Parts

Center parts have fallen out of grace in recent years in favor of deep side parts, but the center look is making a comeback. The right way to wear a center part is with long and straight hair in the style of 60s hippie trendsetters. Focus on removing any frizz and curl from your clients’ hair to give them this look, and be sure to give it a glossy finish. Thanks to straighteners and other styling tools and products available today, people wearing this look can get the straight hair the fashion-forward 60s hippies could only dream of.

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs have their roots in the 40s and 50s. They were the favored look of pin-up girls, and they are sometimes referred to as Bettie Page cuts, in honor of the pin-up girl who made them famous. These short bangs are definitely a striking look, so make sure your client is ready to rock them with confidence. Micro bangs can be worn with bobs, but they look best with longer hair, which gives them balance.

The Rachel

In the 1990s, the Rachel was one of the most sought-after cuts. They get their name from Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, who wore this style for many seasons of the show. Once the ultimate in dated cuts, the Rachel is back with its signature layers. The modern update to the Rachel usually has softened layers that are less choppy and blunt than its inspiration.

Whether your clients want a Rachel, short bangs, or center parts, your training from Long Island Beauty School will give you the confidence and the ability to deliver. Is our hair design academy in Long Island right for you? To learn more about our beauty school programs, call (516) 483-6259.

Supporting a Long-Term Relationship with Your Hair

Long hair is a commitment. It looks striking and offers tons of styling options, but if it isn’t shown any love, it can quickly turn unhealthy. In hair school, stylists learn how to make sure long hair gets the treatment it needs to stay in top condition and how to teach clients how to care for their long hair between appointments. These strategies will help to keep long hair looking shiny, thick, and healthy.

Ditch Damaging Brushes

Long hair is prone to knots and tangles, so using the right brush matters. Get rid of synthetic brushes in favor of a brush with bristles made from natural fibers, like boar bristles. These kinds of brushes move through hair with a minimum of friction, so that they don’t tug and snag long hair. Another option is to use a wet hair brush, even when your hair is dry, as these brushes are designed to put less pressure on hair. For brushing when the hair is wet, stick to a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. Hair is particularly vulnerable when wet, so a brush can be damaging. A comb will take care of tangles without ripping the hair.

Skip Towel Drying

When you towel dry your hair, you can split the ends and increase frizz. Instead of using a towel, use a hair wrap that is made of a smooth fabric, or grab a t-shirt to rub away excess moisture. These fabrics won’t cause split ends or frizz, so your hair will look healthy and smooth.

Opt for Low Heat

Heat from the hair dryer can be excessively damaging, especially to long hair. Always use the lowest possible heat setting when drying your hair, and consider putting a heat protectant on your hair before drying it. When you are drying, use a brush only to gently style the hair. Never tug on your hair, which will stress the roots.

Are you ready to help clients achieve healthy hair that they will love to show off? Then it’s time to enroll in Long Island Beauty School to start your career in the beauty industry. Get the facts about enrolling in hair school in Long Island by calling (516) 483-6259.

Get Up to Date on the Hair Trends of 2018

It’s time to gear up for 2018 with new clients and new styles. As you work in the student salon of your cosmetology school, you might hear more requests for this year’s hottest trends. From Nirvana Blonde to natural hair, many of these fresh trends are being driven by Hollywood celebs like Selena Gomez and sports stars like Colin Kaepernick.

Choppy, Messy Bangs

The era of ruler-straight bangs has come and gone. During 2018, look for more women requesting stylish pixie cuts with boyish bangs. These choppy, asymmetrical bangs look fantastic when swept in a slanted style across the forehead. Women who prefer to keep their locks long should try a similarly choppy fringe that features more length and has a fuller presence across the forehead.

Nirvana Blonde

Selena Gomez made heads turn when she stepped out with her new blonde hairstyle. Dubbed Nirvana Blonde, it is a soft platinum that has a decidedly grunge rocker look. To play up the devil-may-care look, Selena chose a two-toned style by leaving brown roots peeking through.

Styled Ends

The blunt look favored during the early 90s is back in full force. Show your clients how to style the ends for that coveted put-together look. During 2018, expect to see more women choosing the flipped-out or rolled-under style for their ends.

Natural Hair

The last couple of years have seen women and men alike embracing their natural hair. Flaunt your natural texture like Uzo Aduba or Colin Kaepernick, and help your clients do the same by showing them how to use a few essential styling products. Mousse, light spritzes of hairspray, and dry shampoo can work wonders for individuals seeking to flaunt their natural hair.

Long Island Beauty School offers innovative hairdressing courses with a modern curriculum that will thoroughly prepare you for the State Board of Cosmetology exam. You’ll hone your skills at our fully equipped student salon. Call our hairdressing school in Long Island at (516) 483-6259.

*All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Can You Wear Bangs with Curly Hair?

You can absolutely wear bangs with curly hair, and once you graduate from beauty school, you’ll be reassuring your clients of this. Watch this featured video to see some examples of beautiful, curly hair that proudly features bangs. This video was created by a beauty guru who demonstrates how women can wear short, medium, and long bangs with their curly locks.

First, you’ll see two examples of short bangs, which only extend down to about the height of the eyebrows. You’ll see that this style works well whether the individual has tight or loose curls. Medium bangs extend to about the cheekbones, and can be parted in the middle or swept to the side like Beyonce’s hair.

Long Island Beauty School invites future hair stylists to take a tour of our beauty academy on Long Island. Call (516) 483-6259 or browse our website for general information about our cosmetology courses.

*All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Reversing Damage to Color-Treated Hair

In beauty school, you’ll learn more about health and science than you probably thought you would. One of the topics you might study is the effect of dye on hair, and how to reverse the damage. The outer layer of the hair is the cuticle. The chemicals in dye products have to lift up the cuticle, break down the natural pigment, and then deposit the new color onto the hair shaft. The longer the cuticle remains lifted, the more the hair strand is damaged. When you graduate from hair design school, part of your job will be advising clients about protecting and restoring their hair.

Minimal Coloring

A fresh new hair color can renew a person’s mindset. When it starts to grow out, it’s best to treat the hair gently by applying most of the dye just to the roots. During the last few minutes of coloring, comb through to distribute the dye to the ends before rinsing thoroughly.

Styling Changes

Regular coloring and heat styling will do more damage to hair than coloring alone. Advise your clients to take a vacation from aggressive heat styling techniques like straightening and curling. Drying hair can also be problematic. It’s preferable to blot the hair gently with a microfiber towel or even a cotton T-shirt, rather than a terrycloth towel. When there’s no time to let hair finish drying on its own, recommend that your clients apply a spray or serum labeled for thermal protection. Then, use a high-quality, ionic hairdryer with at least 2,000 watts. A high-quality dryer should dry the hair too quickly to do much damage from overheating.

Hair Masks

At least once weekly, clients with dyed hair should treat their strands to a deeply hydrating mask. There are plenty of options available commercially—look for a protein mask treatment. It’s also easy enough to whisk together an egg with a cup of olive oil for a DIY hair mask.

Looking for cosmetology colleges near Long Island? Call (516) 483-6259 to find out how Long Island Beauty School can get you on track toward a fulfilling career. With our hairdressing courses, you’ll learn how to help your clients look their best.

*All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

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