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Master the Grayscale Manicure

The grayscale manicure is a popular technique where each nail is a slightly different shade of gray. You will learn about this technique and many more at your cosmetology school, and you will soon master it to give to your clients. Let’s take a closer look at the process required in a grayscale manicure.

Practice Patience

You need patience when learning about hair and makeup artistry, and you will need patience again to master the grayscale manicure. This technique will require multiple applications to become comfortable and eventually master. It also requires many trials and errors when mixing your polishes and finding the right color. Be patient with yourself, and try not to put yourself down or become upset. With practice and patience, you will master this beautiful manicure technique.

Mix Your Polishes

The most time-consuming element of the grayscale manicure is mixing your polishes to change hues for each nail. You will start with your black polish for one nail. As you continue to each nail, add a drop or 2 of white polish to the mixture. This will slowly lighten the black into different shades of gray that you can apply to each nail. This process may sound simple, but it can become tedious and frustrating if the polish thickens or dries too quickly. Remember to be patient with yourself as you continue to improve.

Clean up Mistakes

As you will have learned in your beautician course, it is best to clean up mistakes as they occur. If an extra dab of polish ends up on the skin, then use a cotton swab with polish remover to sweep away that mistake. If the polishes are not mixing into the colors you want, then start over and add more or less polish. Mistakes can be easily corrected, and you will learn from them.

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