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Salon Etiquette Dos and Don'ts for a Successful Business

Building a successful salon business starts with a cosmetology school education, and it continues with proper business etiquette. Maintaining professional relationships and dressing to impress are some important etiquette dos in the salon business. Read on for more dos and don’ts.

Do make pleasant conversation.

It is vital to hold conversations with your clients and fellow coworkers, because this helps build relationships and networking connections. Engage in small talk with your clients to keep them interested. Conduct friendly and professional conversations with your coworkers to develop strong working relationships.

Don’t engage in harmful gossip.

Any type of business, including a salon or hairdressing school, will have some people who wish to gossip and make mean comments about others. This is unprofessional and harmful to your career and the individual being bullied. Never engage in idle gossip with your clients or coworkers.

Do dress with professionalism.

You should always be dressed to impress in the salon or your beautician courses. If your salon or beauty school has a required dress code or uniform, then adhere to it at all times. If there is no formal code, then wear well-tailored clothing that does not reveal too much skin and feels comfortable throughout the day.

Don’t wear disruptive clothing.

Disruptive clothing might include low-cut shirts, high-cut skirts, and loud, heeled shoes. Disruptive accessories include large, loud, and gaudy jewelry, such as bangled bracelets and costume jewelry.

Do maintain client relationships.

Keep your clients invested in your business by getting to know them and being personable. These relationships are important, because you will create lifelong clients who will recommend you to their friends and family.

Don’t overstep client boundaries.

Ensure that your client relationships do not become overfriendly or heated, because this can make your job more difficult and strained. Keep your relationships professional and friendly.

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