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What to Consider When Your Client Wants to Go Blonde

Do you have a lot of clients that want to go blonde? As the hair expert, you’ll have to use the knowledge you picked up in cosmetology school to find the right shade and teach your client how to care for their newly blonde hair. Here’s what to consider when your client wants to go blonde.

Switching from the Dark Side to the Light Side

When you work on a client’s hair, you should treat it with the same care that you would treat your own. Think about how you would feel switching to blonde from another color and what you would consider before making the transition. Going from a dark hue to blonde can be an extreme change, and one that affects the person’s overall appearance to a significant degree. Make your client aware that going from dark to light can have this effect. In order to make the change go as seamlessly as possible, find the right shade of blonde so the change isn’t overwhelming or difficult to handle.

Managing Expectations for Each Treatment

Your client should also realize that it might take more than one treatment to go from a dark brown or black to a shade of blonde. Patience is key during this process, as your client can still end up with the results he or she wants. You will learn how to lighten a client’s hair through multiple treatments without causing any damage in beauty school.

Understanding How to Care for Treated Hair

Lightening hair changes its chemical makeup. Teach your client how to care for newly treated hair and keep it healthy after going blonde.

As long as you start your career at the right hair school near Long Island, you’ll know just what to do if your client wants to go blonde. Call Long Island Beauty School at (516) 483-6259 if you’ve been thinking about attending a beauty academy, or check out our specialties on our website.