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Salon Etiquette Tips for Beauty School Students

When you get your first job in a salon after beauty school, building relationships with your clients will be an essential part of establishing your career. By sticking to a few basics salon etiquette tips, you can successfully navigate all of the personalities that end up in your chair and build lasting relationships that lead to repeat business. This advice will help you get salon etiquette right from day one of your first job after beauty school.

Read Your Clients’ Needs

Everyone who comes to a salon is looking for a different experience. Some people love to chat away while getting services, while other clients come to a salon for some peace and quiet in their day. Pay attention to the cues your clients give you, and follow their lead. If someone sits down and pulls out a book, don’t try to force conversation. On the other hand, keep the small talk flowing with clients who are feeling chatty. This will allow you to tailor the experience to the client so that everyone leaves happy.

Manage Your Schedule

Every stylist falls behind in his or her schedule at some point. It’s inevitable for unexpected things to make you run late from time to time, but how you deal with these distractions is important. If a client is waiting for you, update him or her on how late you’re running and apologize profusely. If you are running very late, offer to reschedule the client for a no-charge or discounted service. Your clients will be understanding of scheduling issues if you are up front about the situation and show them that you know that their time is important.

Steer the Conversation

Having a conversation with a client that involves give and take is good, but make sure you’re listening more than you’re talking. If a client asks you personal questions, steer the conversation back to him or her as quickly as possible. Stay away from contentious topics and keep the conversation light, fun, and positive.

As a Long Island Beauty School graduate, you’ll feel confident in your skills in the salon setting as soon as you enter the professional world. We offer hairdressing courses, makeup classes, and much more at our beauty college in Long Island. To learn more about enrollment, call (516) 483-6259. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.