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Retro Hairstyles That Are Making a Comeback

In fashion and beauty, everything is cyclical. Hairstyles are no exception. In beauty school, that is one of the reasons you don’t just study the current trends but also learn techniques to create a variety of vintage looks that your clients are sure to request one day. Here are some the retro looks to practice at your hair design academy so you can deliver these classics to your clients.

Long Hair with Center Parts

Center parts have fallen out of grace in recent years in favor of deep side parts, but the center look is making a comeback. The right way to wear a center part is with long and straight hair in the style of 60s hippie trendsetters. Focus on removing any frizz and curl from your clients’ hair to give them this look, and be sure to give it a glossy finish. Thanks to straighteners and other styling tools and products available today, people wearing this look can get the straight hair the fashion-forward 60s hippies could only dream of.

Micro Bangs

Micro bangs have their roots in the 40s and 50s. They were the favored look of pin-up girls, and they are sometimes referred to as Bettie Page cuts, in honor of the pin-up girl who made them famous. These short bangs are definitely a striking look, so make sure your client is ready to rock them with confidence. Micro bangs can be worn with bobs, but they look best with longer hair, which gives them balance.

The Rachel

In the 1990s, the Rachel was one of the most sought-after cuts. They get their name from Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, who wore this style for many seasons of the show. Once the ultimate in dated cuts, the Rachel is back with its signature layers. The modern update to the Rachel usually has softened layers that are less choppy and blunt than its inspiration.

Whether your clients want a Rachel, short bangs, or center parts, your training from Long Island Beauty School will give you the confidence and the ability to deliver. Is our hair design academy in Long Island right for you? To learn more about our beauty school programs, call (516) 483-6259.