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Supporting a Long-Term Relationship with Your Hair

Long hair is a commitment. It looks striking and offers tons of styling options, but if it isn’t shown any love, it can quickly turn unhealthy. In hair school, stylists learn how to make sure long hair gets the treatment it needs to stay in top condition and how to teach clients how to care for their long hair between appointments. These strategies will help to keep long hair looking shiny, thick, and healthy.

Ditch Damaging Brushes

Long hair is prone to knots and tangles, so using the right brush matters. Get rid of synthetic brushes in favor of a brush with bristles made from natural fibers, like boar bristles. These kinds of brushes move through hair with a minimum of friction, so that they don’t tug and snag long hair. Another option is to use a wet hair brush, even when your hair is dry, as these brushes are designed to put less pressure on hair. For brushing when the hair is wet, stick to a wide-tooth comb instead of a brush. Hair is particularly vulnerable when wet, so a brush can be damaging. A comb will take care of tangles without ripping the hair.

Skip Towel Drying

When you towel dry your hair, you can split the ends and increase frizz. Instead of using a towel, use a hair wrap that is made of a smooth fabric, or grab a t-shirt to rub away excess moisture. These fabrics won’t cause split ends or frizz, so your hair will look healthy and smooth.

Opt for Low Heat

Heat from the hair dryer can be excessively damaging, especially to long hair. Always use the lowest possible heat setting when drying your hair, and consider putting a heat protectant on your hair before drying it. When you are drying, use a brush only to gently style the hair. Never tug on your hair, which will stress the roots.

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