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A Look at the Upcoming Make A Difference Awards

Long Island Beauty School Hempstead - Bangs

Long Island Beauty School loves being a part of the Hempstead community. That is why we give back and celebrate deserving community members whenever we can. Our instructors and students stay in the know about community events, allowing us to interact with our neighbors and do our part to maintain a strong and friendly town.

One of Hempstead’s most exciting upcoming events is the Annual Make A Difference Awards. The Hempstead Town Board recognizes and honors Hempstead community members who have volunteered and helped others throughout the year. This event will take place in the Nathan LH Bennett Pavilion at Hempstead Town Hall and all community members are invited to attend!

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Top Nail Trends for Fall

Cosmetologists must keep an eye out for the latest trends in order to keep up with client requests. If you specialize in nail care, it is important to know what colors and features are in style during all seasons of the year. This will help you provide the best manicures and pedicures for your clients, ensuring a loyal client base!

Watch this video to see some of the season’s top nail trends. These stylish designs and colors come straight from the runways, ensuring that they will be all the rage among your clients. Get ready by investing in pale colors and natural-looking nail polish. You should also experiment with layers to create dynamic shades of black.

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Accentuating Your Features with the Right Bangs

Bangs are a popular hairstyle choice for 2013, but choosing the right style for your client’s face shape and features isn’t always easy. Your client may be in love with the look of thick bangs, but if the style is best suited to another face shape, they will ultimately regret the choice. Take a look at the following video for a demonstration on how to choose the right bangs for a particular face shape. You will see four different examples of flattering bangs and how they can be achieved.

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Understanding the Difference Between Color Weaves and Highlights

Hairstylists help clients find confidence by giving them fabulous and stylish haircuts. If you pursue a career as a professional hairstylist, your time in cosmetology school will be spent learning about various styling techniques that your future clients may request.

At the hairdresser â?

Some of the most popular salon client requests include color weaves and highlights. These two treatments may provide similar results, but they are very different from one another and should be mastered before graduation. Just like any other weave, a color weave is human hair or synthetic hair that attaches to a client’s natural hair to provide length or thickness. Weaves can also add color to the hair by choosing a weave featuring a shade different from the client’s natural hair color. When clients want color without the attachments, it is better to go with highlights. This treatment involves dying various parts of the client’s natural hair to create a more dimensional look.

Learn more about the differences between color weaves and highlights by studying here at Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead. Visit our website for a look at our beauty school courses or speak to our staff by calling us at (516) 483-6259.

Finding the Best Bang Style for Your Client's Face Shape

Many salon clients come in with pictures of hairstyles that they want. But not all of these hairstyles work well with the client’s look. You can gain the skills needed to help clients choose the perfect haircuts here at Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead. Our program will help you learn to find the best bang style for each client’s face shape:

Long Island Beauty School Hempstead - Bangs

Clients With Oval Faces

When it comes to hair, oval faces can really do it all! This face shape is circular, but is longer than it is wide, creating an oval shape with an average sized forehead. Hairstylists often try to give clients oval faces by offering the right cuts and styles. That is because oval faces work well with almost all hairstyles and work with both classic cuts as well as trendy ones. If your client already has an oval face, she can choose from a variety of bang styles.

Clients With Round Faces

This face shape is very similar to the oval shape, but it tends to be just as long as it is wide and features a rounded jaw line. As you will learn in beauty school, round faces can easily look too wide when paired with the wrong haircut. The best hairstyles for round faces lengthen the face for a more mature and elegant appearance. Create length by suggesting bangs that are shorter in the middle than on the sides. Asymmetrical bangs can also provide length for clients who want an edgier style.

Clients With Square Faces

Square-shaped faces tend to have strong angles that result in a more athletic appearance. Help your clients soften these strong angles by using your cosmetology school knowledge to provide the perfect cut. Avoid blunt bangs that add more strong angles and choose something softer and wispier. Angled bangs work great on square faces because they cut the angles to create a softer and more feminine look.

Start your path toward becoming a professional cosmetologist by contacting Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead today. Find out if our beauty school is the right choice for your career goals by giving us a call at (516) 483-6259.

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