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Signs You're on the Wrong Career Path

It is never too late to change gears and start working toward a new career that you actually enjoy. If you can relate to any of the following signs, it might be time to start looking into something new:

Bored businesswoman sleeping in a meeting

You Feel Tired and Bored
You should feel fulfilled by your job. If you wake up feeling tired or experience an unusual amount of boredom, your current job might be the problem. Although everyone will occasionally feel frustrated by their job, if it starts to happen more often than it doesn’t happen, you should try to find a career path that you truly enjoy.

You Cannot Make Yourself Care
Ideally, you should care about what you do. If you show up for work and cannot make yourself care about the job, you are probably in the wrong career. Changing to a new field can reignite a passion inside that makes you feel excited to get up and go to work in the morning. Make a change that gives you back a purpose in your life.

You Feel Jealous of Other People in Your Life
When you see a friend or family member who loves their job, does it make you feel jealous? If so, it might be time to start looking into a new career path. The right job requires certain skills but also a zest for what you do. Think about your passions and figure out a way to turn them into a career that makes you feel important and fulfilled in your daily life.

At Long Island Beauty School, we are committed to helping our students get on a career path that they actually love. If you are tired of your current job, a foray into beauty school could help you find out who you really are. Our Hempstead campus provides some of the best cosmetology training on Long Island so you can start to excel in a career that you enjoy. Call (516) 483-6259 to learn more about programs.

Applying for Cosmetology School Grants

There is plenty of financial aid available for beauty school as long as you know where to look. Talk to the financial advisor at the cosmetology school at which you plan to apply to find out if they give out any grants.

You can also go to the government for grants and student loans that help you pay for your beauty education. Fill out a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) and the financial aid officer at your school will tell you what kind of aid you can get. Learn more in this video.

The student services at Long Island Beauty School help you get financial aid that makes it easier to pay for your beauty school education. Our Hempstead campus is dedicated to giving our students every chance to succeed. Call (516) 483-6259 to start the application process.

Personality Traits of a Cosmetologist

Beauty school offers its students a unique opportunity to learn the skills of a trade that is always in high demand. If you have played with the idea of studying to become a cosmetologist, keep reading to learn about some of the most common personality traits of people who have found success in the field:

Young Woman Having Her Lipstick Applied

A Knack for Creativity
If you want to do well in the beauty field, it is essential to have a creative personality. This helps you create new hairstyles and mix up colors that bring out your clients’ true personalities. It also helps you stay on top of the latest fashion and beauty trends to ensure that you are always ready to give your clients what they want.

A Strong Work Ethic
A full day in a salon can be tiring, which is why it is important for cosmetologists to have good stamina. From holding tools to style hair to standing up for hours at a time, you should have these physical qualities that allow you to cater to your clients needs without tiring prematurely. The longer you can work, the more money you can make.

A Good Chair-Side Manner
Customer service is essential in the beauty industry. If you want to truly succeed as a cosmetologist, it is important for you to have a good ability to listen. Not only does this help you give your clients the looks they want, but it can also make them feel more comfortable as they sit in your chair. When you can connect with your clients, it allows you to start building up a list of repeat clients.

If you think you have what it takes to become a successful cosmetologist, Long Island Beauty School is here for you. Our Hempstead beauty school teaches you all of the skills that you need to successfully infiltrate the beauty industry and begin a long and rewarding career. To learn more about our cosmetology school, visit us online or call (516) 483-6259.

Finding a Job After Graduating from Cosmetology School

Young woman holding job application

Completing your cosmetology school education is just the first step toward finding a job in your chosen field. Use this guide to help you find the right job after you graduate so you can start to make a name for yourself in the industry:

Talk to the student services department at your school to see if they offer any help with job placement after you graduate. Do not be afraid to talk openly about your skills to give potential employers a reason to hire you. Apply to local salons to increase your chances of finding a job that you love. You can also continue your beauty school education to put yourself ahead of the competition. Do some research to learn about salons in your area and the services they offer so you are prepared to show them why to hire you.

At Long Island Beauty School, we want our students to have every advantage after they graduate. We offer job placement services throughout the community to help you find your way to your ideal first job. To learn more about our Hempstead campus, check us out online or call (516) 483-6259.

What You Need to Know about Shellac Nails

Getting manicure

When you graduate from cosmetology school, you’ll be armed with knowledge of the latest trends in the beauty industry. One of the most popular recent trends in the world of manicuring is shellac nails. Shellac nails can last up to a month because of the way they are applied. Your clients may return to you sooner than that for touch-ups, but they’ll be happy to find that shellac is more durable than standard nail polish. In order for shellac to be applied, your client will need healthy nail beds that aren’t splitting or otherwise damaged. For the shellac to last as long as possible, instruct your clients to apply cuticle oil, which will help keep the nails healthy. Some chemicals can damage the shellac, so your clients should be advised to wear gloves when cleaning or applying lotions.

Get to know more about the world of manicuring, cosmetology, and hairdressing at Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead. Call us at (516) 483-6259 for more information about our cosmetology school. We’ll work with your busy schedule so that you can get started on your new career as soon as possible.

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