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Why Gel Manicures Are So Popular

It’s unlikely that nail polish companies will ever invent bulletproof polish, but gel manicures are definitely the next best thing. Once they’re set with the UV light, they stubbornly resist chipping. It’s standard for a gel manicure to last for about three weeks without showing any signs of damage. At makeup school, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of preparing your clients’ nails and applying gel polish.

Your clients will fall in love with the sleek, shiny look of gel polish. Unlike regular polish, gel doesn’t lose its shine over time. Plus, it dries rapidly and cures in a matter of minutes with the use of the UV lamp. Do remember to advise your clients to get gel manicures occasionally, instead of getting them one right after the other. This is because the fingertips must be soaked in acetone to remove the gel, and this will weaken the nail.

At Long Island Beauty School, you’ll learn how to expertly perform gel manicures and nail art. Enroll in makeup classes on Long Island today by calling (516) 483-6259.

*All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Choosing the Right Eyeshadow Color

In beauty school, you’ll learn that having a keen eye for color palettes isn’t just instinctual—it’s something you can improve upon over time. The right color of eyeshadow depends on the look the client is going for, and the client’s skin tone and eye color. For example, a blonde with fair skin and brown eyes will look fantastic with pale shades of lavender and blue. For more contrast, add some soft gray up toward the brow area, and blend darker colors closer to the lash line.

In contrast, women with darker skin tones look gorgeous with vivid, jewel-like colors like emerald, burgundy, purple, and bright blue. If your client wishes to brighten up her eyes or radiate a “warm” look, try blending some gold and bronze tones.

Creativity and artistry matter, and you’ll develop both as a student at Long Island Beauty School. Get in touch at (516) 483-6259 and ask how you can enroll in our makeup academy on Long Island. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Should You Post Pictures of Your Clients on Social Media?

Every hairstylist and beautician needs to know how to build a personal brand. Regardless of whether you plan to open your own salon after you graduate from beauty school, you’ll need to market your skills. You’ll start by building a portfolio to display your accomplishments to potential clients, and to inspire current clients to try a new look. But before you post new pictures to social media, you should understand the fine line between self-promotion and privacy violations.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Before going to a new business or store, potential customers usually check it out online first. This is especially true of businesses like salons. By posting your portfolio on your social media page, you’re letting your potential customers see the remarkable results you can give them. You’re also engaging with your current customers in a friendly, interactive way that makes them feel good about themselves. This can help you establish a loyal client base, which consequently can build word-of-mouth referrals.

The Steps to Take Before Posting Customer Photos

It’s fine to casually tag a friend on your personal social media page, but the same rule doesn’t apply to business pages. Before snapping before and after photos of your clients, you’ll need their permission. Eliminate potential legal liability issues by securing their written permission to use their photos on your site. You should also find out how they want to be identified, such as by first name only, by initials, or not at all. Adhere to any other requirements your customer has regarding his or her photo. Some clients might not want their face posted online, but they might be fine having their new hairstyle photographed from the back.

The curriculum at Long Island Beauty School includes salon management skills. Our cosmetology school near Long Island will equip you with all the knowledge and technical skills you’ll need to enjoy a successful career as a beautician or hairstylist. You can reach our office at (516) 483-6259, or visit us online to learn more about our beauty courses. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

Style Tips for Clients with Curly Hair

Styling challenging curls is an excellent opportunity to help you grow as a professional hairstylist. If you’re still in cosmetology school, invest plenty of time into mastering these skills and practicing them in the student salon. You’ll thank yourself later for your efforts when your curly-haired clients become devoted, repeat customers.

Cutting Curly Hair

Always use the right tools to cut curly hair. Select a wide-toothed comb, as fine-toothed combs will result in frizz and disrupted curl patterns. Never use a razor, since this also encourages frizz and thins out the ends. Give curly-haired clients a pleasantly natural shape by creating a zigzag part before cutting. This technique preserves the hair’s natural texture. Remember that, with curly hair, stylists should focus more on shape than length. If you cut the hair in layers, stick with long layers, and add definition by keeping the ends blunt. Sometimes, it can be easy to get bogged down with the details. Take a step back every now and then to evaluate your client’s hair as a whole, and then step back in with the scissors.

Using Product

Hair academy graduates quickly learn that curly-haired clients tend to be the most knowledgeable about their own hair. They’ve likely tried every product on the market, but they’re still probably frustrated by frizz. Getting the best effects from products requires good preparation. Show your client how to blot the hair dry gently, never dry it roughly with a towel. It’s best to end a shower with cold water to seal the cuticles closed, and to avoid using hot air for drying and styling. Next, add leave-in conditioner before adding a styling product.

Since 1941, the hair design and beauty courses at Long Island Beauty School have been empowering students to build successful careers. When you’re ready to work toward a better future for yourself, give us a call at (516) 483-6259. You’ll find that our beauty academy on Long Island is a supportive, welcoming place. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.

What to Consider When Your Client Wants to Go Blonde

Do you have a lot of clients that want to go blonde? As the hair expert, you’ll have to use the knowledge you picked up in cosmetology school to find the right shade and teach your client how to care for their newly blonde hair. Here’s what to consider when your client wants to go blonde.

Switching from the Dark Side to the Light Side

When you work on a client’s hair, you should treat it with the same care that you would treat your own. Think about how you would feel switching to blonde from another color and what you would consider before making the transition. Going from a dark hue to blonde can be an extreme change, and one that affects the person’s overall appearance to a significant degree. Make your client aware that going from dark to light can have this effect. In order to make the change go as seamlessly as possible, find the right shade of blonde so the change isn’t overwhelming or difficult to handle.

Managing Expectations for Each Treatment

Your client should also realize that it might take more than one treatment to go from a dark brown or black to a shade of blonde. Patience is key during this process, as your client can still end up with the results he or she wants. You will learn how to lighten a client’s hair through multiple treatments without causing any damage in beauty school.

Understanding How to Care for Treated Hair

Lightening hair changes its chemical makeup. Teach your client how to care for newly treated hair and keep it healthy after going blonde.

As long as you start your career at the right hair school near Long Island, you’ll know just what to do if your client wants to go blonde. Call Long Island Beauty School at (516) 483-6259 if you’ve been thinking about attending a beauty academy, or check out our specialties on our website.

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