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Master the Grayscale Manicure

The grayscale manicure is a popular technique where each nail is a slightly different shade of gray. You will learn about this technique and many more at your cosmetology school, and you will soon master it to give to your clients. Let’s take a closer look at the process required in a grayscale manicure.

Practice Patience

You need patience when learning about hair and makeup artistry, and you will need patience again to master the grayscale manicure. This technique will require multiple applications to become comfortable and eventually master. It also requires many trials and errors when mixing your polishes and finding the right color. Be patient with yourself, and try not to put yourself down or become upset. With practice and patience, you will master this beautiful manicure technique.

Mix Your Polishes

The most time-consuming element of the grayscale manicure is mixing your polishes to change hues for each nail. You will start with your black polish for one nail. As you continue to each nail, add a drop or 2 of white polish to the mixture. This will slowly lighten the black into different shades of gray that you can apply to each nail. This process may sound simple, but it can become tedious and frustrating if the polish thickens or dries too quickly. Remember to be patient with yourself as you continue to improve.

Clean up Mistakes

As you will have learned in your beautician course, it is best to clean up mistakes as they occur. If an extra dab of polish ends up on the skin, then use a cotton swab with polish remover to sweep away that mistake. If the polishes are not mixing into the colors you want, then start over and add more or less polish. Mistakes can be easily corrected, and you will learn from them.

All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors at Long Island Beauty School, so you will learn the latest techniques in hair, nails, and artistry makeup near Long Island. Call us at (516) 483-6259 to enroll into our cosmetology school this coming semester.

Top Tips for a Successful Hairstyling Career

Hairstyling is a fun career that gives you the opportunity to be successful while doing what you love. You can be a great success with the right hairdressing courses behind you and a willingness to promote your one-of-a-kind hair designs. Continue reading for more great tips to help make your hairstyling career a success.

Tip #1: Choose a Reputable Beauty School

It is very difficult to have a successful hairstyling career without a solid foundation in training. Bolster your education and chances at a great career by choosing a reputable hair academy. Research different beauty schools in your area, look at reviews, and take tours to determine the best school to help you accomplish your goals.

Tip #2: Take Advantage of Social Media

Another element of a successful career comes from your online presence and ability to promote yourself. You must be able to show your current and future clients the types of hairstyles and colors you can create. Set up multiple profiles for various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use these platforms to advertise different specials you are offering and pictures of your work, provided you have your clients’ permission to post them.

Tip #3: Accommodate Your Clients

As you are building your hairstyling career, try your best to accommodate your clients. Set up convenient hours and a location for your appointments. If you have a client that is regularly unable to meet her appointment, then ask how you can help her fit in a future appointment. If it is possible, consider offering an appointment outside of your normal hours or meeting your client in a more convenient location.

Learn more tips of the hairstyling trade at Long Island Beauty School where all services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors. We are a well-established and trusted hair and makeup academy in New York, so we can help you create a successful career. Call our cosmetology school in Long Island at (516) 483-6259 for more information.

Preparing for Your Cosmetology Interviews

Preparation is vital to your future career in cosmetology. You will learn many skills—including resume writing, interview preparation, artistry makeup, and hairstyling—at your cosmetology school. Let’s look at how to put these skills to work on your next interview.

As seen in the short video, expect to answer questions concerning your education, your experience, and your personal desire to work in hair and makeup. Prepare for your future interviews by knowing the answers to these questions. Your interviewer will look for well-thought, concise answers that showcase your individuality.

Long Island Beauty School is dedicated to giving our students every opportunity for a successful career. That is why all services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors. Our students have hands-on experience from the beginning of their beauty courses. Our cosmetology school serving Long Island also offers job preparation courses. Please call us at (516) 483-6259 to learn more.

Summer 2017 Hair Trends

This summer is seeing plenty of hair trends coming off the runway and being taught in hairdressing courses around the country. Styled hair flips, platinum tresses, and bold bobs are the rage this summer. Read on to learn more about summer 2017’s most popular hair trends.

  • Silver and platinum hair colors are quickly becoming the norm among celebrities who have chosen to cut their long, dark hair. This is a bold change that many people can try with the right hair colorist.
  • Long, straight hair—with a healthy shine—is almost always in style, and this summer is no exception.
  • Wavy shags and bold bobs are popular this summer. These hairstyles are the perfect length to keep the heat off and still have a flawless look.

Choose Long Island Beauty School to learn how to cut and style hair in the latest trends. All services are performed by students under the supervision of licensed instructors in our hairdressing courses. We also teach artistry makeup in our makeup academy and beauty courses near Long Island. We are available for more information online and by calling (516) 483-6259.

Busting 8 Myths About Cosmetology School [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking for a new and exciting career that is both professionally and personally rewarding? By attending cosmetology school in Long Island, you can make a difference in people’s lives by helping them look and feel their best. There are a number of myths surrounding cosmetology school, such as that there is no demand for graduates. Quite the opposite is true, however, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20% increase in cosmetology jobs by the year 2018. After you graduate from beauty school, you can work in a small salon, pursue a career at a corporate spa, or strike out on your own by opening your own salon. Check out this infographic from Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead to get the truth behind common myths about cosmetology school. Please share with your friends and family.

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