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Helping Clients Choose a New Hairstyle

Hairstylists learn early on in cosmetology school that there are right and wrong hairstyles for certain people. Based on certain physical and lifestyle attributes, not every hairstyle can look good on everyone. However, through various beauty courses, a quality hairstylist can learn how to help their clients choose a beautiful new hairstyle.

Consider Their Face Shape 	hair school Long Island

A client’s face shape is going to be a big determining factor in what hairstyle they choose. You need to be knowledgeable in which face shapes can carry which hairstyles so your client doesn’t walk away with an unflattering new style. If your client comes in with a hairstyle that would be unflattering to their face shape, tweak the style—with their permission, of course—so they can have as close to the style they want and it will still look flattering.

Consider Their Lifestyle

Some clients may love to style their hair regularly, but others may not have the time or inclination. Help them choose a style that will conform to their daily life, as well as their regular hobbies and work life.

Consider Their Hair Growth

Before cutting any hair, look at how their hair grows. Do they have cowlicks or nape whorls? Which way does their part usually lie? There are ways to work around some of these features, but their new hairstyle may not look the way they perceive because of the way their hair grows.

Consider Their Personal Choice

You must take your client’s desires into account, of course. You can advise them toward certain hairstyles or color choices that you feel better suit them. However, if they are insistent on a certain hairstyle, be honest about your concerns. Both you and the client need to be open-minded when choosing a new hairstyle, and you should both end up satisfied.

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Great Styles for Curly Hair

At your local cosmetology school, you’ll learn a variety of styles for all types of hair. As seen in the video, you can learn a few easy styles for curly hair in just a few short steps.

The easiest style, and most applicable for all longer hair types, is a bun with bangs. Sweep the hair into a high ponytail, and instead of letting the hair fall to the nape of the neck, pull it through the hairband once more, leaving the ends to fall across the forehead. Gather the pieces, and pin them to the side to create instant bangs.

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Trend Watch: Summer 2016 Hair and Makeup

beauty school Long IslandWith every season, trends emerge or pass, and stylists around the country set their sights for the next season. But now that we’re kicking off the summer, we’ve got a got a pretty good hold of the hair and makeup trends you should try. Contouring and heavy-handed makeup are on the backburner for the summer, since higher temps tend to turn makeup into a melted mess. Instead, “non-touring,” a lighter method of contouring, allows for this season’s warm colored eyeshadows (like the orange, pink, gold, and purple hues of a summer sunset) to stand out. Glitter and gloss are back on lids and lips, finishing off and dewy makeup look with a hint of 90s glam. To complement these beauty trends, try braids (short or long box braids, for example), or go natural, and you’ll embody the fresh and colorful trends of this season!

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The Hottest Trends in Braids for This Year

Entering a cosmetology school, you are bound to learn about all of the latest hairstyles and makeup trends. You may even find that simple hairstyles, like braids and cornrows, can come with a beautiful twist. Here are some of the hottest braid trends you’ll find this year.

Loose Side Braid

hair school Long Island

When you have multiple layers in your hair, try a loose braid using the longest layer. The look doesn’t have to be the most intricate or fancy style, but it still shows off your unique tresses as they are swept to one side. You might even try multiple braids for each layer to create a cascading effect.

Messy French Braid

One of the first hairstyles students learn in hairdressing school is the French braid. It is a simple, yet elegant braid meant for any season or event. Instead of keeping it tight against your crown, though, pull out some strands to give the look more volume. You can have the perfect windswept look, without having to battle the wind.

Cornrow into Ponytail Braid

If you’ve been feeling edgy, head to your local beauty institute for some cornrow braids. Instead of getting a head full of rows, have three or four extending back from your crown. Gather the rest of your hair, along with the braided hair, and pull it back into a ponytail.

Crown Braid

A regal-looking braid meant for any event, casual or elegant, would be a crown braid. Crown braids are just a term for a braid, or braids, extending from or around the top of your head. Any of the common braid styles—French, Dutch, regular, etc.—can be used to create a crown braid.

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Picking the Right Shade of Red Hair

When changing hair color to red, you won’t have to worry about whether you can pull it off or not. As you may find out during hairdressing courses, anyone can have red hair, as long as the red is right for their skin tone.

As seen in the short video, certain reds are good for the right skin undertone. If you have warm, pinker undertones, then you’ll look best with a gingery red color. For cooler undertones, darker reds, such as mahogany, are advised.

Changing hair color isn’t difficult at Long Island Beauty School. You can learn everything at our hairdressing school in Long Island, where you’ll find artistry makeup, beauty courses, and hairdressing courses. Call (516) 483-6259 to find your next career.

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