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Finding a Job After Graduating from Cosmetology School

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Completing your cosmetology school education is just the first step toward finding a job in your chosen field. Use this guide to help you find the right job after you graduate so you can start to make a name for yourself in the industry:

Talk to the student services department at your school to see if they offer any help with job placement after you graduate. Do not be afraid to talk openly about your skills to give potential employers a reason to hire you. Apply to local salons to increase your chances of finding a job that you love. You can also continue your beauty school education to put yourself ahead of the competition. Do some research to learn about salons in your area and the services they offer so you are prepared to show them why to hire you.

At Long Island Beauty School, we want our students to have every advantage after they graduate. We offer job placement services throughout the community to help you find your way to your ideal first job. To learn more about our Hempstead campus, check us out online or call (516) 483-6259.

What You Need to Know about Shellac Nails

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When you graduate from cosmetology school, you’ll be armed with knowledge of the latest trends in the beauty industry. One of the most popular recent trends in the world of manicuring is shellac nails. Shellac nails can last up to a month because of the way they are applied. Your clients may return to you sooner than that for touch-ups, but they’ll be happy to find that shellac is more durable than standard nail polish. In order for shellac to be applied, your client will need healthy nail beds that aren’t splitting or otherwise damaged. For the shellac to last as long as possible, instruct your clients to apply cuticle oil, which will help keep the nails healthy. Some chemicals can damage the shellac, so your clients should be advised to wear gloves when cleaning or applying lotions.

Get to know more about the world of manicuring, cosmetology, and hairdressing at Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead. Call us at (516) 483-6259 for more information about our cosmetology school. We’ll work with your busy schedule so that you can get started on your new career as soon as possible.

Colorful Nail Trends to Try Out This Summer

When you attend beauty school, you’ll learn about all of the latest trends in the cosmetology industry. From hairdressing to make-up and nail technology, you’ll get the education and training you need to recreate popular styles and even invent a few of your own. Fingernails may be small, but they are blank canvases for skilled nail technicians. Some cosmetology clients may want to stick with the basics during their manicures, but others may be more bold and daring. Here are just a few of the colorful nail trends to watch out for this summer.


Three Dimensions
We live in a three-dimensional world, and manicurists this season have been experimenting with ways to make nails pop. Instead of just a flat coat of nail polish, many people are looking for different ways to decorate their nails. Nail experts can glue on small crystals, studs, and even lace for a unique, multi-dimensional look. These nail applications start simple with one or two colors of polish, and then are taken to the next level with sparkling accessories.

Back to Black
Black is one of the most popular colors in fashion and makeup, and for good reason. It looks good on just about anyone, and is versatile enough to be a perennial favorite. This season, black is back in the world of nails. For a bold and daring look, you could opt for an all-black lacquer on your nails. For those who want something slightly more subtle, black accents like a half-moon manicure that uses black near the nail bed can be perfect.

Metals of Honor
Metallic accents are very trendy right now for nails. To change up the look a little bit from the standard silver and gold, manicurists are using sheens of graphite and other greys with colorful undertones. The metallic look can be equally at home at the office as it can be out on the town.

Long Island Beauty School of Hempstead is dedicated to providing all of our students with a quality education for a successful career in the beauty industry. Contact us at (516) 483-6259 to learn about taking our cosmetology program, and you could be setting the newest trends in nails before you know it.

The Best Makeup Trends Presented at New York Fashion Week 2014

Each year, New York Fashion Week gives cosmetologists and fashion-forward people an idea of what trends to expect in the coming seasons. Take a look at this video for a glimpse at the best makeup trends happening right now.

Red is a traditional color for lipstick, but the new trend is leaning towards orange for lips. If you’re worried about being too bold for work, look for a matte finish that offers a more subdued look. White eye makeup is also expected to be quite popular, and it’s versatile enough to be both elegant and playful depending on how it’s applied. Metallic tones around the eyes and even some glitter are trending at the moment—this look can be bold or subtle depending on your style.

Learn about the best makeup trends and be at the forefront of the cosmetology industry when you attend Long Island Beauty School. Call us in Hempstead at (516) 483-6259 to learn about what makes our cosmetology school stand out from the rest. You can also visit our website for a complete look at our programs.

Avoiding Makeup Meltdowns This Summer

Summer can be one of the most fun and relaxing seasons of the year, full of sunshine, warmth, and plenty of time at the pool or beach. You change your wardrobe when summer arrives, and it only makes sense to change your approach to makeup, as well. Wearing too much makeup in the summer can make you look tired and run-down, so it’s a good idea to have a strategy for summer makeup. Keep reading to learn how you can avoid makeup meltdowns this summer.

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Go Natural
It’s time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, whether you’re heading to a backyard barbecue or a day at the shore with friends. Summertime is all about embracing the natural beauty of the season, and the same principle applies for your makeup habits. Use a little bit of coconut oil when you get out of the shower to keep your skin smooth and glowing, and make sure to use sunscreen if you are going outside. You might get a bit of a suntan even when you wear sunscreen, which can help you look great with minimal makeup.

Conceal and Camouflage
Blemishes can happen at any time of year, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t put your best face forward in the summer. Use a full-coverage concealer in areas where you have minor imperfections, and blend it in with a sheer foundation on the rest of your face. You’ll still be able to maintain that gorgeous summer glow without caking on heavy makeup.

Know Your Skin Type
It’s important to choose makeup that’s appropriate for your skin type in every season, and especially during the warmer months. If you use products that aren’t appropriate for your skin, they can start to appear streaky by the middle of the day. Use a water-based foundation instead of a powder to avoid streaks and a caked look.

When you’re ready to take the first step towards a rewarding career in cosmetology, call Long Island Beauty School in Hempstead at (516) 483-6259. We offer courses in hairdressing, cosmetology, nail technology, and more so that you have a solid educational foundation to begin your new career.

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